There seems to be a lot of buzz around the Research Chem industry about fake SARMs and under dosed SARMs. So let's go over these.

Fake SARMs:

Fake SARMs, do they exist? Yes they do. However I can tell you that SAF, Chemyo and Science Bio are definitely not. There are many reasons for this and it has nothing to do with the COAs you see our sites. SARM powder though it can be expensive per kilogram doesn't make them expensive to manufacture. The amount of mg in a capsule is rather small so it keeps the cost low. For example. A bottle of MK2866 when buying your powder in bulk like all of us big companies do, costs about $2.50 cents worth of powder. After bottling it it costs maybe $4 to finish, if capsuling it $5. So tell me this. Lets do some math. We sell them for an average price of $34.99 per bottle with our B1G2 Free deal and even more per bottle for Chemyo and Science Bio. That means that each bottle SAF sells we make 29.99. But remember we are selling you 3 bottles at a time so really we are making 89.99 per order. In what world would it make sense to skimp and eliminate the $2.50 worth of Ostarine and never be able to build a brand. Need I mention our private FB group has over 11k of our verified customers in it. That is right, no Randoms, all people who have purchased and this only represents a fraction of our customer base. It doesn't make sense AT ALL! Use logic and don't be influenced by ignorant people on YouTube or Reddit bashing another company when really they are just using popular company names for click bait so you can buy through one of their "trusted" sources which nets them about 25% commission. That's right... you are being lied to. Companies like Chemyo, Science Bio and SAF don't become the companies we are buy selling fake products especially when there is SO MUCH PROFIT! The reason I mention these other two companies is without any embeded affiliate links is for this reason. If you aren't going to purchase from us and don't mind paying more then they have great products.

Under Dosed SARMs

When companies like the above mentioned and ourselves manufacture our own products again the math doesn't add up. It is when these new small companies pop up and use contract manufacturers to make their products. So lets say it costs a company $8.00 to make 60 capsules at 7.5mg per capsule of RAD140 bottled, labeled and ready to go. They charge about $12 to $16 a bottle depending on the volume of bottles said company is ordering. For the contract manufacture it makes sense to only put 5mg in each capsule. When they save a couple bucks a bottle it ads up. For companies like us and the others I mentioned it doesn't make sense because we manufacturer then sell retail.

COAs and why they are useless:

All of us have COAs on our sites. THEY ARE NOT the reason why you should purchase from us. Anyone can order a gram of powder and have it tested, or make 1 bottle of liquid and have it tested for concentration. It means ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING! Tommy boy said it great "Guy puts a fancy guarantee on a box 'cause he wants you to fell all warm and toasty inside. Ted Nelson: Yeah, makes a man feel good. ... Ted Nelson: But why do they put a guarantee on the box? Tommy: Because they know all they sold ya was a guaranteed piece of shit." Basically what this means is that anyone can upload a COA or rip off another companies. Making a logical buying decision should be based on a companies reputation, reviews, and interaction with their customer service prior to purchasing. That is what really matters. Companies selling great products usually and I mean usually but not always have great customer service. For us we created the Swole Mafia Facebook group to offer transparency. Before SAF hit the industry, buying SARMs was a sketchy bitcoin only industry with zero customer service. We were the first to advertise on social media with paid media. Since then SARMs have exploded! Now there is a new SARM company every day. Which brings me to my next point.

How to spot a bad company?:

So if you won't take my advice and stick to the big 3, SAF, Chemyo or Science Bio then be on the lookout for certain things. Do they accept Paypal or Traditional Credit Card payments from a US merchant? If they do, then they are small potatoes and using a contract manufacture exposing you to the risk of under dosed products. Any large company has way to many orders in a day not to get looked at by the domestic credit card companies and shut down VERY quickly. VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER AND AMEX DO NOT allow for traditional straight sale on any research chemicals. Social Media presence. Do they have one? How many likes do they have? Are there any reviews by someone without an affiliate link and biased opinion? Call their customer service. If it rings to someone talking on a cell phone out and about then they are still small potatoes. Probably using a contract manufacturer. The next thing is, are they selling Rx PCT products, or advertising research chemicals for human consumption in their product descriptions and ads? The reason I say this is for one reason. If they are dumb enough to blatantly break the law then they are dumb enough to put illegal scheduled things like oral steroids or pro hormones in to cut costs. This makes you both a felon for possession and them for selling it. If they still sell LGD4033, then they are small potatoes. All of us big companies stopped carrying it to avoid any litigation from the patent holders. Now take a look at their website. Is it garbage? Do they have professional images, do they look like they know what they are doing? I can't believe how many companies have these absolutely terrible websites and they still get sales enough to keep paying for their ads. It's pretty simple. If it looks like garbage, smells like garbage then it is probably garbage.

July 26, 2021 — Justin Brown